Privacy and Policy

privacy policy reviewnews24.comAll the posts uploaded on the website are 100% copyscape pass but if for any reason any duplicate entries/ phrases are there then we, the reviewnews24 team having full right over the content to modify, delete and add new content without any prior knowledge to the subscribers.

privacy policy reviewnews24.comTo all our subscribers, we respect your email privacy and we guarantee not to share your email to any third party website or share. We can only use third party email services to email you regarding the latest updates, modification made to our esteemed website. If in case you aren’t happy with any part of the  website or would like to unsubscribe from our subscribers list then just leave a mail to admin@news24.com and  within 24 hrs we will remove you from our mailing list.

privacy policy reviewnews24.comImages used in the posts and websites are not a property of reviewnews24.com so if you have any issues with the content or images please contact us with the proof of your ownership of the image or document. Our team will review it and within 24-48 hrs and update you asap.

privacy policy reviewnews24.comWe may use different ads network to work with our website. Some ads may be slightly different from the content. Out Team will not be held responsible to responsive ads as we are having no control to them but you can contact us with a image captured with the banner.

privacy policy reviewnews24.comWe may offer guest posts in future and we will have 100% control over the content so we ca edit, modify and even delete a full post if necessary and no notification will be sent to the guest poster.